Walhburgers Pilots The Fully Electric Arcimoto Deliverator In Key West, Florida

Arcimoto Deliverator

Published on July 23rd, 2020 |
by Kyle Field

July 23rd, 2020 by  

Building on its early adoption of the Impossible Burger, Wahlburgers continues to lean into sustainability with news of a pilot of Arcimoto’s Deliverator at the burger chain’s Key West location. The pilot is expected to kick off in August when the new location opens and will usher in an age of electric delivery of burgers around the popular tourist destination.

Arcimoto Deliverator

Arcimoto Deliverator

Wahlburgers was founded by Chef Paul Wahlberg along with his lesser known brothers Donnie and Mark. The introduction of the Arcimoto Deliverator is Mark’s fault, as he recently became an owner of Arcimoto’s Fun Utility Vehicle himself.

“When the opportunity came for Walhburgers Key West to begin making zero-emission deliveries in the Deliverator, I jumped at the chance,” said Mark Wahlberg, founder of Wahlburgers, and owner of an Arcimoto FUV. “The team here in Key West is looking forward to working with Arcimoto and providing the community with a sustainable way to enjoy their favorite Wahlburgers menu items at home.”

Arcimoto’s three-wheeled electric vehicle platform is a perfect form factor for zipping around dense cities and congested urban areas. Last mile delivery was the natural extension of the platform and after the initial realization, Arcimoto came up with the Arcimoto Deliverator.

“The Deliverator’s mission is to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Right now, I can’t think of a more delicious job than delivering piping-hot Impossible Burgers with extra Wahl Sauce in beautiful Key West,” said Mark Frohnmayer, CEO and Founder of Arcimoto. “We believe that with every delivery, Wahlburgers Key West will enjoy meaningful per-mile savings compared to gas-powered vehicles, and will also see a boost in brand awareness as the zero-emission Deliverator turns heads across the island.”

C’mon Mark, it’s not even lunchtime yet and you’re making me hungry! Impossible Burgers helped make burgers more sustainable and now, Arcimoto is taking that to the next level, making it easy, silent, and planet-friendly to have them delivered right to your door, if you live in Key West. Clearly, both companies are hoping for a successful pilot that could see this partnership expanding to all 29 Wahlburger locations in the US and Canada.

Wahlburgers’ Impossible Burger. Image courtesy: Wahlburgers



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