This Kit Makes Multi-Object Motion Control and Capture Easy

You’ve probably seen elaborate scenes in commercials where the camera will be moving forward while light changes and a hamburger comes flying together, right? Usually, these moves are very complicated, but this company wants to make it simple with a connected and modular smart system.

Called RGKit, the idea is simple: Using a series of easily connecting motors (that all share the same design and can be interchanged) with a huge list of supported accessories that all sync together automatically and are controlled from your smartphone, you can create complex moving scenes quickly and easily.

According to the product’s developer Argineering, RGKit works seamlessly with multiple modules. All you have to do is plug the modules to a power source and they will automatically sense each other and connect to your phone. Unlike traditional rigs like this, you don’t have to worry about wiring or setting up complex electronics. You especially don’t have to do any coding.

The app has two modes: Manual Mode and Auto Mode. In Manual Mode, you can control all the modules in real-time, and in Auto Mode you can create a sequence of movements, and when you click play the sequence automatically starts. You have complete control of multiple parameters as well: speed, acceleration, duration, delay, and a lot more.

The primary benefit for a system like this is use in complex, multi-part movement concepts. Though you can probably do much of this without all the motors provided here, the moves would not be perfectly repeatable. For someone working on a complex shot, repeatable motion is critical for success; very rarely do filmmakers get the shot in just one go. The fewer unpredictable pieces to the puzzle you have, the easier it is to bring a vision to life. When most of the pieces are automated, that reduces the chances of mistakes.

If you’ve been interested in complex camera motions with moving subjects or stop motion, RGKit is a really interesting take on making that whole complicated process much easier. This is Argineering’s first Kickstarter, but the company says it has been making complex moving scenes for high-end displays for some time. So while it’s not a company we are familiar with as far as consumer product, they do have history.

To learn more about the RGKit or pledge your support, you can visit the Kickstarter campaign here. As always, remember that Kickstarters are not a “pre-order,” so do your research and pledge responsibly.

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