The Great @PetaPixel Instagram Revival (and How to Get Featured)

Instagram means different things to different photographers, whether that’s the place to search and be found for new work opportunities, the go-to spot for becoming inspired, or where to post photos and get feedback from the largest photography community on the Internet. At this point, it would be silly to not have an active account on Instagram, right? …Right?

The last time @PetaPixel posted to Instagram may have been nearly three years ago, but that is changing as we now go all-in on bringing our readers a rejuvenated presence on the platform.

We have so many talented photographers that visit our website daily, and this is one way that we can better connect and showcase the incredible work of those that support PetaPixel on the web. We will be featuring your photos, videos, behind the scenes, and whatever catches our eye when using the #petapixel hashtag on Instagram.

How to Be Featured

There are a couple of simple steps in order to have your work featured on the @PetaPixel Instagram account.

  1. First, as stated above, use the #petapixel hashtag. This is the easiest way to get your stuff in front of our eyes as we regularly monitor its use looking for great imagery to share.
  2. Second, follow our @PetaPixel account on Instagram. Not only will this make it simple for us to see you’re actually a fan of PetaPixel and not just somebody copying off a list of hashtags, but it will also make getting in touch with you for reposting permission go more smoothly as our direct messages won’t be filtered out.

Those are the basic steps to follow. However, there are more ways that can help us out in determining what to share. These may be no different than how you already post to Instagram. What we’d really like to see are detailed captions on how the photograph came to be, whether that’s the behind-the-scenes details, the gear information and lighting setup, interesting information about what went on during the shoot, or any other musings that add to the image. Another thing you could tag on to the above would be EXIF information such as focal length, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

If we see something we like using the #petapixel hashtag, expect a direct message from the @PetaPixel account asking for permission to share your work. You will keep all copyrights to your images and videos, of course. If for any reason you change your mind about the Instagram post, just let us know and we will take it down.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the amazing content flowing through #petapixel and sharing more from our incredibly supportive community of image-makers.

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