The Best Apple Watch Games

Installing apps on your Apple Watch gives you access to more features and capabilities. You can also download games to turn your smartwatch into a fun wearable. There are plenty of games available for the Apple Watch, and choosing one can be difficult.

We’ve put together a list of the best games available on the Apple Watch. Whether you enjoy strategy games, RPGs, or trivia games, you should find some interesting apps for your Apple Watch.

Pocket Bandit watchOS

Are you looking to pull off an elite heist while waiting around at the doctor’s office or during your next commute? Pocket Bandit is a game exclusive to the Apple Watch that has you cracking safe combinations as you make your way up the ranks, becoming the next King of Bandits. With more than 100 different combinations to break, players use the Apple Watch’s crown, feeling vibrations for vibrations as they rotate the dial. Pocket Bandit is the exact type of quick in-and-out game that we love to see on Apple Watch, and with more content inbound, as noted by the developer, we think it’s an absolute staple for any Apple Watch owner.

Rules! watchOS

Can we get away with the pun saying that this game rules? Designed as a full-fledged game for your iPhone or iPad, Rules! offers a mini-game for Apple Watch that can be a blast for puzzle fanatics. Follow simple rules as you are required to tap on a collection of colorful animals, or as the developers say, “whales, unicorns, robots, and squirrels!” The included mini-game for Apple Watch is just as fun as the iOS game and is a great way to pass a bit of time when you are waiting in line. Those unfamiliar with the puzzles genre need not be intimidated as Rules! includes a beginner mode for those just getting started, as well as an expert mode for seasoned veterans.

Trivia Crack watchOS

Here’s a classic that you might already be familiar with, Trivia Crack. For those who are unaware, Trivia Crack is an online Trivial Pursuit-style game that pits you against players around the world — both friends and strangers. What some may not know is that the app includes a fun Apple Watch companion so that you can start showing off your smarts without even taking your iPhone out of your pocket. With thousands of questions and six question categories, Trivia Crack is a must-have for any game show fan or trivia addict.

Runeblade watchOS

This isn’t your typical RPG. Runeblade takes you to a mystic world where you must battle using your mighty blade and arcane magic, fighting darkness along the way, all on your Apple Watch. Designed exclusively for the Apple Watch, any fans of the RPG genre looking for an exciting game to throw on their wrist should start here. The story places the player into a world in which the gods are rising from their slumber, but they aren’t happy. With more than 2,000 levels to play through and a plethora of mighty artifacts, we think that you might find yourself lost in your Apple Watch for longer than you anticipated.

Pocket Bandit watchOS

At first glance, Tiny Armies might not look like much; however, it brings a light and fun-to-play turn-based strategy game to both your iPhone and Apple Watch. You can opt to either play in a single-player mode or challenge a friend through iMessage, swiping your units, and attempting to defeat your opponent. What we particularly enjoy is how well Tiny Armies scales down to the Apple Watch face without losing the fun tiny-battle-action that makes it great. A highly recommended option for strategy game fans.


What would you do if an artificially intelligent soviet computer reached out to you? In Komrad, a Soviet A.I. that has been lying dormant since the Cold War has awakened, and you have made contact. A work of fiction created by the former chief design officer of IBM Watson, Komrad will keep you glued to your iPhone and Apple Watch, communicating with the AI in hopes of preventing the next nuclear war. In a game that asks, what would happen if the movie WarGames had been told with a Soviet Computer gone haywire, this mobile game will keep you on the tip of your toes.

Elevate watchOS

Are you looking to sharpen your memory, improve your vocabulary, and enhance your overall cognition? The team Elevate Inc. claims that they can with its Elevate – Brain Training game for iOS and watchOS. Thirty-five different minigames challenge your brain, while the app delivers personalized workouts to help you in areas that you might be lacking. With four mini-games explicitly designed for your Apple Watch, you can help elevate your brain even when you’ve only got a few minutes on-hand.

Lifeline Crisis Line watchOS

We’re going to cheat a bit here by including a few games under a single heading. With the first game launching in 2015, the Lifeline series continued to grow. It now offers a compelling number of mobile text-based adventure games for your Apple devices. Exciting titles include Lifeline: Silent Night, Lifeline: Whiteout, Lifeline 2, and Lifeline: Crisis Line. With each game placing you in the middle of the action, you must use your Apple Watch to communicate via text. Your responses help save, or potentially doom, those reaching out to you. Lifeline games are also available to play on iOS. But in our opinion, the best gameplay experience is on the Apple Watch.

Bubblegum Hero watchOS

Bubblegum Hero is an exciting game that is a blast to play on your iPhone. The fun multiplies on your Apple Watch, though. Using your favorite Apple device, you need to blow the perfect size bubblegum balloon without popping it. Utilizing the Apple Watch’s crown as a control mechanism, players must rotate it to blow up their bubble correctly. Bubblegum Hero is an excellent example of a simple minigame that can be a blast to play. Properly utilizing new and innovative controls is a challenge — and the interactive nature makes this game a winner (even if you pop your bubble).


We used to wonder what would happen if Square Enix, the legendary developer behind Final Fantasy, designed a fantasy RPG for Apple Watch. Well, we don’t need to wonder anymore as the company has since introduced Cosmos Rings. Cosmos Rings is a dark game in which you must fight against those looking to stop time. Players must face a world in which the Goddess has disappeared, and time has stopped.

Our favorite component of this game is the old-school pixel art, but the retro design doesn’t get in the way of amazing gameplay. With the digital crown, you can turn back the sands of time but don’t wait long because your valor is needed. 

There are so many fun games to play with your Apple Watch. Whether you’re looking to pass some time or dive deep into the world of adv

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