Tesla Is Hiring In Greece — About To Enter Greek Market


Published on July 26th, 2020 |
by Johnna Crider

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Tesmanian has reported that Tesla is hiring in Greece and could be about to enter the Greek market. Demand is a constant for Tesla. In its Q2 update, Tesla noted that “Production output of our existing facilities continues to improve to meet demand, and we are adding more capacity. Later this year, we will be building three factories on three continents simultaneously.”

Elon Musk emphasized on the conference call that Tesla’s consumer demand is constantly high. “Demand is not a problem, definitely not. We do have some production supply chain challenges we’re trying to solve right now. … So, yes, don’t worry about demand. That’s not the issue.”

One of the fastest-growing markets for Tesla and for electric vehicles in general is Europe. Tesla is building a Gigafactory in Berlin to help address the supply challenges. The expectation of that factory being completed within a year or so — at least, an initial portion to start production — could be a reason to start getting more European markets opened up.

The two jobs are for Sales & Delivery Manager and Tesla Advisor. In the job description, Tesla wrote that it was preparing for its entry into Greece. Both of the jobs are located in Athens.

Sales & Delivery Manager

The Sales & Delivery Manager will monitor and manage sales and delivery in the local market. She or he will also train all of the team members and give feedback. The new Sales and Delivery Manager will also be the lead in planning, implementing, and following up with the store’s operational tasks, events, sales, and networking activities.

From Tesmanian: “As we prepare for our exciting new entry in to Greece, we are looking to recruit a Sales & Delivery Manager to lead our brand new team in Athens.”

Tesla Advisors

The Tesla Advisors team is going to be communicating with customers, servicing them, and delivering vehicles. They will maintain a presentable showroom while addressing customers’ questions and appointments.

Teslarati notes that, “In February, company executives were in talks with Greek authorities to bring a series of vehicle superchargers that would span from Portugal, through Greece, to Turkey.” Superchargers do typically lead or closely follow Tesla stores into a new market.

Notably, the Greek government recently announced that it wanted to encourage the use of EVs. The Greek government is planning some EV incentives, including subsidies for the purchase of EVs, including both cars and bicycles.

When Tesla fully establishes a store in Greece, you can be sure that buzz and hype will follow Tesla into the country. 


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