Shooting Major League Baseball in an Empty Stadium During the Pandemic

Professional sports leagues such as the NBA and MLB have returned to action without fans in attendance due to COVID-19 pandemic safety measures, and there are still sports photographers on hand to document the games. Boston-based photographer Paul Rutherford made this 4-minute video showing what it’s like to shoot a pro baseball game in an empty stadium.

After getting his gear ready at home, Rutherford drives to Fenway Park, where the Boston Red Sox are hosting the Baltimore Orioles. Rutherford goes through the security checkpoint, where he has both his camera bag and his temperature checked.

Rutherford then needs to walk all the way to the top of the stadium to set up his remote camera, as elevators are currently off-limits during the pandemic.

“This is what the life of a photographer looks like on a nontypical day,” Rutherford writes.

(via Paul Rutherford via Fstoppers)

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