Radio Tower Camera Captures Its Own Destruction in Raging Wildfire

The Oregon Department of Transportation has released some striking footage captured during the Beachie Creek Fire last month. Shot via several controllable webcams, the video shows a radio tower near Detroit, OR as it is rapidly engulfed in flames and destroyed.

The footage was captured at 10:30pm on September 8th, the day after Labor Day when record-breaking winds and dry weather helped to set both Oregon and Washington ablaze.

This video puts you in the middle of the Beachie Creek Fire—one of 10 major wildfires that have burned nearly 1 million acres in Oregon as of September 28th—as it approached and ultimately destroyed the Halls Ridge radio tower in Marion County, Oregon. Due to several large gusts of wind, the entire process from the beginning of the clip until the camera literally melted while it was still recording takes just 2 minutes and 17 seconds…

To see the inferno for yourself, and get a short glimpse at the power of nature in one of its most destructive forms, check out the full video up top. It’s safe to say this is one scene that nobody ever wants to try and capture in-person.

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