New Tesla Model Y Owner Is Highly Enthusiastic (Video Review)


Published on October 20th, 2020 |
by Jake Richardson

October 20th, 2020 by  

This new Tesla Model Y owner is really happy with his all-electric black crossover. In fact, he says he hates driving and hadn’t driven for years before buying it, but since getting the Model Y, he has driven 2,000 miles and took a road trip from Seattle to San Francisco. That’s quite a reversal in driving attitude.

In addition to his contagious enthusiasm for the vehicle, he makes some great points. One is that the vehicle improves over time because of the software updates. He explains that Tesla uses data from its vehicles when they are driven to help improve the self-driving technology. The software updates can also be used to enhance energy efficiency. How many products have you owned that get better over time?

Another one of his key points is that at its price, it’s better than gas-powered vehicles that cost much, much more but might only be a little quicker and may not be better looking.

Hilariously, he spends so much time enthusing over the Model Y that he doesn’t get to some essential points. The Model Y doesn’t directly produce any exhaust emissions, so there is no toxic air pollution. It also isn’t directly contributing to climate change, because, again, it emits no air pollution. He does mention not having to visit a gas station again. Most EV charging occurs at home, so that is obviously far more convenient than taking trips to gas up. Tesla also has its own supercharging network, so when he takes longer trips, he is able to find charging options.

Using electricity for transportation means you are no longer supporting oil and gas companies. It also means you are no longer supporting the extraction and shipping of oil in huge vessels that sometimes leak vast quantities into our oceans, which causes severe damage to marine wildlife and ecosystems.

Buying an electric vehicle and being able to charge at home has another excellent advantage. You can also get a home solar power system with a battery and charge your EV at home with your own electricity. Can you imagine how much money you would save by never buying gas again and using your own electricity instead of power from a utility? With gas-powered vehicles, there is no energy advantage like this, no upside.

As a new owner, he made this video independently and the content of his review was not influenced by the manufacturer. Having real customers voluntarily create their own independently produced positive reviews for free is a marketer’s dream. How many companies have this level of enthusiasm for their products? A guy who hates driving gushes about his new Tesla — it almost sounds like it must be a commercial advertisement, but it’s real.

Editor’s note: Close followers of Tesla know this new owner well. He is Galileo Russell of Hyperchange. A couple years ago, he was the first non-Wall Street analyst to ask questions on a Tesla conference call (I was third). He has been investing in Tesla [TSLA] since he was in college years ago, creates in-depth videos on Tesla finances as well as Tesla technology, and Elon Musk has complimented his analysis repeatedly. So, yeah, he’s not some surprised newbie owner — but he is very enthusiastic. I thought I about pointing this out high up in the article, but then, reflecting on the fact that Jake was not familiar with him, I acknowledged that many people who may get something out of his video and Jake’s summary of it also aren’t familiar with him. So, I let the story run for anyone sort of new to the topic and to Gali, as he is more commonly called. As for the rest of us, I hope you enjoyed reading through the article as much as I did. — Zach Shahan (also a long-term investor in Tesla/TSLA). 


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