New Collab Sees Lacoste-Themed Camera and Polaroid-Themed Clothes

Polaroid and Lacoste have announced a partnership that combines the “vibes” of the fashion brand with a classic Polaroid instant camera. The companies say that this cheerfully-themed collaboration is in an effort to “leave 2020 behind.”

In what is being jointly launched with Lacoste’s 2021 Spring collection, the Polaroid collaboration device is a Limited Edition Polaroid 600 instant film camera that sports a very unique green and red colorway that, when the cover/flash is popped open and ready to shoot, looks like Lacoste’s iconic crocodile logo. It is currently available in Europe for 150 Euro. It’s at first very ostentatious and even a little gaudy, but almost like the popularity of UglyDolls, the camera is almost cute in spite of that.

This collaboration isn’t one-sided, as Lacoste has a set of new clothing designs that are based on Polaroid that it calls “Lacoste Live.” According to Lacoste, for this Spring 2021 collection, the company “dug deep into this legendary, high-color, and cultural heritage.” The design is inspired by Polaroid’s famous rainbow logo from its first instant color film developed in 1963, the Lacoste x Polaroid collection centers around the distinctive blue, green, yellow, orange, and red rainbow.

Even further, the partnership wraps in and around itself as Lacoste commissioned photos for the fashion line to be shot on Polaroid. So in summary, it is a new line of Polaroid-themed clothing photographed by a Polaroid that is themed like Lacoste.

“Accompanying the collection is a visual campaign shot by Simon Schmitt in Marseille, featuring dancers and skaters creating a jigsaw in perpetual movement one frame to the next, image by image,” the two companies explain. “United by the notable Polaroid rainbow spectrum and the Lacoste pieces within the collection, each picture is a tribute to joy, boldness, and freedom.”

The full set of campaign photos are below and it’s hard to not get wrapped up in the nostalgia of the images.

The two companies have also set up a Lacoste x Polaroid Instagram Filter that can be found here.

The Lacoste x Polaroid camera is available online and in Lacoste stores, and the Lacoste Live x Polaroid collection is available online and in select stores in Paris, New York, Milan, London, and Shanghai starting today.

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