Elon Musk Says “Highly Likely” Will Offer Smaller Tesla Cybertruck “Down The Road” For Europe


Published on August 4th, 2020 |
by Zachary Shahan

August 4th, 2020 by  

In a Twitter thread following an article CleanTechnica published approximately an hour ago, a European gentleman asked Tesla CEO Elon Musk if Tesla would consider offering a smaller Cybertruck for people in Europe (and elsewhere) who love the design and features of that vehicle but consider it to be too large for the streets and parking spaces in their cities. Tesla’s Chief Tweeting Officer responded that this was “highly likely down the road.” How far down the road is unclear, but I think it’s safe to say that many Europeans are doing cartwheels and backflips this morning.

These tweets came after Musk confirmed as “true fact” that the Cybertruck is the truck you want in the apocalypse. Presumably, this is something that Europeans are also concerned about, especially as we sit halfway between the beginning of 2020 and the end of 2020. In fact, we are only at the very beginning of a decade that may make 2020 look like a quiet, peaceful starting point.

Getting back to the mini-Cybertruck, though, this request has been made many times. As someone who lived in Europe for more than a decade, paint or no paint, it hurts my head thinking about trying to park a Cybertruck in Europe — or trying to drive through some streets without destroying cars on my left and right like in an overly destructive Hollywood film.

The Cybertruck has truly unique features and appeal — its paint-free steel frame, tremendous utility, cyberpunk design, beautiful geometry, a rugged build all around for taxi or delivery services, potentially unmatched camping ability for a “normal” passenger vehicle, extremely long range for the price (if initial specs hold true), and surely more that I’m currently forgetting. As Lukas points out, even other Teslas do not offer anything close to the cultural, visceral, and utilitarian draw the Cybertruck inspires in some people. But it’s genuinely too bulky for Europe.

The high likelihood of a “European-spec Cybertruck” will excite many, but it also raises a host of questions:

  • When would it be built?
  • Would it be produced in Giga Berlin for Europe only?
  • What about Asia, which also favors smaller vehicles than North America?
  • What about North America too, though? The USA is Tesla’s #1 market and many Americans love the Cybertruck but would also prefer something a bit smaller?
  • What about a Cybervan or whatever this thing is?

Ah, that’s the problem with Tesla and Elon Musk, isn’t it? One answer leads to a dozen more questions and requests. And there is never enough supply for demand.

Apologies for any typos or confusing sentences or (in your opinion) bad humor. This article was written between 3:00 and 4:00 am.

Photos by Kyle Field/CleanTechnica. 
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