Apple Announces iPhone 12 Event for September 15

This week would, in any other year, be the time we saw Apple unveil its latest iPhone lineup. But there is a lot going on in the world, and Apple’s fall 2020 launch will be pushed back a bit.

Now we know exactly how much: Apple has announced the iPhone 12 event is set for Tuesday, September 15.

Apple’s events are usually known for being expertly produced and delivered in front of hundreds of people in a theater-like setting  — most recently at Apple’s own campus — but this year will, obviously, be quite different. We can expect Apple to roll out another preproduced video keynote presentation, as it did earlier this year for its WWDC developer conference, to launch all of its new products ahead of the holiday shopping season.

Apple iPhone 12 invite

The event will undoubtedly see the launch of the new iPhone 12 lineup, which is going to consist of four models: A base iPhone 12, the larger iPhone 12 Max, a higher-end iPhone 12 Pro, and the top-of-the-line iPhone 12 Pro Max. After using a similar design for three generations now, leaks of the iPhone 12 series shows the new phones bringing a fresh hardware look, with flat sides and sharp angles reminiscent of the iPhone 5. The displays are expected to be subtly larger, but with smaller bezels, and the same Face ID cutout at the top.

The iPhone isn’t the only game in town, though: Apple also has to launch new versions of its iPads and Apple Watch too. Here’s where things are still in a grey area, though. Rumors have indicated that Apple will launch a new entry-level iPad, and potentially an iPad Air, alongside a slightly improved Apple Watch 6 before the iPhone event. Since these aren’t very flashy products, and Apple wants to get them into retail channels as soon as possible, we could see them launched in a matter of weeks.

That still leaves plenty to get excited about, though. The iPhone 12 series looks to be a big upgrade over the 11, and Apple always has a few little surprises. Other rumors indicate Apple could launch a new smaller (and less expensive) HomePod speaker, and another new AirPods model. A fresh line of accessories for the iPhone is an easy bet, as are big companywide initiatives Apple is focusing on.

We’ll be watching closely for any and all information that leaks out ahead of Apple’s big fall 2020 iPhone event.

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