Aerial Boat Timelapse Offers Beautiful Tour of Dutch Waterways

Here’s a relaxing 11-minute 4K timelapse that offers a beautiful tour of old Dutch waterways, shot from a bird’s-eye view above a transport boat.

The short film was shot back in 2013 and the photos were captured by a Canon 550D DSLR mounted 30 meters (~98.5 feet) high. One photo was shot every 3 seconds during the boat’s journey from Rotterdam to Amsterdam (a trip of about 98 nautical miles), resulting in about 30,000 photos that were then turned into a timelapse.

“[Y]ou will pass a few dozen different bridges that all open before your eyes,” The Timewriters writes. “In 2013 the film couldn’t be published right away due to restrictions. After a few years it was forgotten. Till now.”

(via The Timewriters via Laughing Squid)

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