A Public Conversation Between Elon Musk & Vladimir Putin?

It’s been an interesting weekend, and one thing that happened is Elon Musk tweeted out an invitation to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to have an open discussion on Clubhouse. This has many people on Twitter speculating as to what exactly Elon would want to talk to Putin about. Elon followed up his invite in Russian, saying (according to the Google translation), “It would be a great honor.”

Perhaps he could be tired of the Russian bots in his Twitter feed? Or maybe he wants to expand Starlink service into Russia. Or maybe he wants to form a partnership for a SpaceX launch site there, and do so in a way that it doesn’t betray America or his security clearance — remember, Elon Musk has a top security clearance.

I do know one thing, though. If anyone could unite all of the world’s leaders against an alien invasion, it would be Elon Musk.

I’m not inside Elon’s mind, but I do also know this: Clubhouse is a very open social media site. It’s like you’re on a three-way phone conversation, but instead of three people, it’s a group, and as many as 5,000 people can listen in. This would put Russia in a very public position live if it went through. If they decline Elon’s invitation, it could make Putin look bad — many would see declining such an offer as a sign of weakness or dear.

I don’t think Putin will decline. Putin may not like having a live public discussion like this, though. What do you think — will it happen?

One Key Benefit Of Elon Talking To Putin

Elon has said time and again that he wants to preserve the light of consciousness. He worries about what would happen if we ultimately destroyed this planet — our species would go extinct if we are not multi-planetary by then. A key benefit from a public conversation between Elon Musk and Putin could be the topic of addressing climate change.

Elon Musk is adamant about trying to help save our planet and reduce our global carbon footprint, and Russia is the world’s third top producer of oil. Before being overtaken by Saudi Arabia and the US in recent years, Russia was the leading oil producer in the world. In 2020, Russia’s oil production was 11.49 million barrels per day.

Another key benefit from a conversation between the two is that it could help President Biden and our nation. Perhaps Elon Musk could open up a policy opportunity publicly that could help both countries and the world.

If I was a betting person, though, I would bet that Elon is trying to gain something from Russia to help him get us to Mars. That’s his main goal. It’s all about Mars and preserving the human race.

Whatever the outcome is, I remain hopeful that the best will happen — the best for all involved.



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